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Edward Jones Campaign

UI template design for 2017 commercial campaign for Edward Jones on Guardian website

Leveraging the 2016 campaign and working with client, create a fresh look and feel for new talent interactives. For the first half of the series, worked with a developer, production and management team to implement designs to site. Then create social media campaigns to drive traffic. For the second half, worked with client to develop custom higher functionality then designed each layout with custom illustrations and interactions in mind. Then developed using a WYSIWYG system and implemented on to Guardian website for launch.

Responsible for design:

Sangeeta Bhatia
Rick Bayless
Jessica O. Matthewa

Responsible for design, development and production:

Tess Gerritsen
Pat Benatar
Warrick Dunn
Ming Tsai
Christy Turlington Burns
Jane Addams
Don Katz
Jane Chen