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About Kim Cortes

Graphic designer, web developer, campaign manager, art director, and more—Kim Cortes is an all-encompassing designer who molds and adapts to each client’s needs. She can see the big picture but also focuses on the subtle details that are needed to make your business, website, or any other project shine brighter than the rest. Working with her means tapping the skills and expertise of a dedicated, multi-talented, multi-tasking creative professional whose precision and work ethic are among the best.

Kim Cortes started her design and coding career at Tekserve. Through 6 years of experience there and freelancing elsewhere—handling projects and responsibilities ranging from campaign strategy to art direction—she honed her skills, eventually leaving the company to start her own: Kim Cortes Design. Since 2011, her independent operation has thrived, serving clients ranging from The Guardian to Maxilla & Mandible, Ltd.

Feel free to download her resume or simply get in touch.


Clients Include:

The Guardian
Maxilla & Mandible, Ltd
Dinosauria International LLC
Network Building & Communication LLC
Insecurity Ragazine
Corefitness by Jana
Ibero-American Productions
Beyond Wellness
Medicinal Beauty
Enlace Latino USA
Mindful Living